Canadian Energy Brokers Inc, (CEBI) is an energy brokerage company which focuses on assisting energy consumers to meet their energy supply needs and goals. Our focal markets are commercial, institutional and industrial end users of natural gas, electricity, oil and liquid petroleum products.

The volatility and complexity that is now a daily reality of the energy commodity marketplace has made the ability to make informed decisions on the pricing, terms and methods of delivery available for the various energy commodities a complex and time consuming process. This process requires an up to date understanding of the current global energy commodity markets, the various energy transactions available for the different energy commodities, and the nuances of regional transport and delivery systems for each commodity. The interactions of each of these influences and how these can effect the achievement of the goals of an energy procurement portfolio is essential to the energy supply decision making process.

CEBI provides expertise, information and service in each of these areas of influence to the energy supply industry enabling our clients to make informed and educated purchasing decisions on their energy needs.

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