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Supply review

On a confidential basis CEBI assists each client with reviews of their current energy supply portfolio and associated services. This can include pricing and methodology comparisons, transport and transmission review, as well as the review of alternative energy supply options such as cogeneration.

We believe the supply of energy comprises not only the purchase of the specific commodity but also the optimization of all services associated with the delivery of the energy commodity. As deregulation has segregated the various components of delivery service into multiple subsets of service and tariffs, this is becoming a more important point of evaluation.

Supply Procurement

Once a joint Client / CEBI determination of the best method of supply pricing, term and transport has been completed CEBI assists its clients with the procurement of their energy supplies. As CEBI is in the market place each day, we are familiar with the major wholesale and retail energy suppliers and transporters in Canada. As such we are able to recommend and contact the various suppliers that can best meet the specific needs of each of our clients. It is important to note that not all suppliers can meet each of our clients specific supply requirements as certain suppliers provide services aimed at specific market sectors.

CEBI assists with the procurement of energy on behalf of our clients. This assistance can be with the preparation of formal bid documents, RFP preparation and review, deal confirmation and the review of confirmation documents. We provide this to ensure each request for supply clearly identifies the specific requirements of supply for each site and delivery application.

Supply Contract Review

Once the selection of a supplier is completed, formal contract documents are prepared to finalize the supply agreement between buyer and seller. As part of this process CEBI provides its clients with contract review services and information on standard energy supplier industry practices and contractual conditions. This information enables our clients to clarify their contractual obligations with the understanding of generally accepted energy industry contractual and credit requirements.

Please note that CEBI doe not supply legal services it self. At our clients request we contact legal firms and solicitors that are familiar with energy supply agreements. This is done for additional fees to the agreement between CEBI and its clients.

CEBI-Client Contract

The relationship between CEBI and its clients is usually defined by a simple annualized contract addressing monthly and commodity flow through fees. In general as our clients are purchasing their energy commodities year round they require information and services each month. Should a client be unsure as to the level of service expected an hourly fee plus the unit commodity flow through charge and incurred expenses can also form the basis of the contractual relationship.


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