Who We Are

R.A. (Rick) Henschel
1980 B.Sc. Ag. Eng.; 1974 Diploma NAIT, Instrumentation

Since graduating form the University of Alberta, Rick has been involved in most activities of the North American energy industry. Over the years Rick has held senior engineering, energy marketing and business development positions with various major energy production and marketing companies and now is founder and president of CEBI.

In 2005 Rick founded Canadian Energy Brokers Inc. to provide end users with timely commodity information and the brokerage services of physical energy commodity supplies with a primary focus on natural gas and electricity. To further enhance optimized energy delivery to energy end users, Rick co-founded CanGen Energy Corp. in 2007 to implement alternative physical high efficiency electricity/heat supply strategies for end users in deregulated markets through the use of cogeneration. These strategies consist of the development, financing, installation and dispatch management of physical commodity delivery.

Bryan Curtis
1976 B.Sc., (University of Calgary), 1990 Queens Executive Program

Bryan has extensive experience in managing the very complex aspects of providing natural gas, oil and power service to industry. He has held senior positions at various energy companies such as Nova and Aquila. Bryan was a co-founder of Energy Trust Marketing Company which was subsequently purchased by BP. He has testified before the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, the British Columbia Utilities Commission and various Provincial and Federal Standing Policy Committees. Bryan was also a member of the Alberta Electrical Utility Act Advisory Committee.

In 2005 Bryan co-founded Cayman Oil Marketing in 2005 to specialize in developing strategies for mid and small oil and gas companies to extract the maximum value for their oil and gas. We also develop oil marketing plans for emerging oil sands companies. In 2007 Bryan co-founded CanGen Energy Corp. in 2007 with Rick Henschel.

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